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Quite a number of times you’ve heard that human is triune in nature, that is, consisting of three components: the spirit, the soul, and the body.

Basing our explanation on the body (since we have much broader knowledge about this), we know there exists five sense organs – sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch/feeling. The other components (soul and spirit) also have their senses, but we’ll be focusing on the sense of sight.

All three components of man have the sense of sight. This basically means there exists;

* Spiritual sight, which helps man see into the spirit realm.

* Soul sight, which acts as a guiding light to man’s understanding.

* Physical sight, with which man sees the physical things.

Interestingly there’s a fourth kind of sight. No matter how sharp your physical, soul or spiritual sight may be, without the fourth sight, you will always fall behind expectations in all life’s endeavours. It is the most important of all kinds of sight, in fact, I call it ‘The Mother of All Sights’ because every other kind of sight needs it. It is called Foresight.

Foresight, simply put, encompasses the ability to see ahead and prepare wisely for whatever situation that has been seen lying ahead. Foresight does not only include the ability to see far but also taking steps to prepare and plan wisely for oncoming situations. This simply means there’s a difference between seeing, seeing far, and taking steps about what you’ve seen.

I know at this point you’ll agree with me that you don’t need to have all three kinds of sight functioning before you can have the fourth sight. In fact, you don’t need to have all others functioning before you can activate the fourth. Life has birthed great men who are physically blind but still have foresight, and yes, they were and are great men today! However, having all others without the fourth sight is detrimental.

If you’re not engaging your fourth sight, you’re simply not maximally utilizing your spirit, soul or physical sights. You can possibly spiritually see into the future, have the greatest ideas of the world in mind, or be at the seat of the most current news and information, if you don’t take steps to convert all the information you have to create a better future, then they are of no essence. Just junk info! Of what importance then are all your other sights without the fourth?

Your foresight is greatly dependent on how well you value and treat every information you receive through the other sight senses.

The sense organs are known for detecting stimuli and automatically responding to them. A reflex arrangement you’ll agree. But in life, great things don’t happen automatically or by reflex. If you’re going to be great and successful, you need to go beyond the reflex ‘3-Sight Arrangement’ and engage your fourth sight. Success does not come by default, nor does is come by mistake.

You must consciously develop and put your fourth sight to work. Take time to think tomorrow through. Consciously plan your future. Invest great values in there. Take steps to break the hedge. Make each second of your day count. Always channel your energy towards a profitable course.

Have a futuristic mindset. If whatever you are engaged in right now will not earn you a secured future, trust me, it’s not worth spending your energy, money or time on.

Your life does not end here. There’s a future for you, and the greatness of your future lies greatly in the strength of your foresight. However, if you don’t have a foresight, your great future is at great risk.

Have a foresight!

Develop your fourth sight!



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