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Building up your future with Oseyemu Ventures Housing Packages

Building up your future with Oseyemu Ventures Housing Packages

People rent houses and cars for various reasons due to the importance of both in everyday life. Sometimes people rent for the comfort, some for a change in environment, or maybe to fulfil some specific purpose.

And just as some are ready to enjoy various properties through rent, quite a number of people are ready to rent or lease out theirs, be it land, house, car, or other properties.

Then I got wondering…

How would it be if, like other properties, we humans can place a vacancy on our lives?

On what circumstance would a man want to rent out part or the whole of his life?

What would be the terms and conditions attached?

I went further thinking;

If it really is possible, and my life is to be rated, would it be worth a mud house with leaking roof or a first-class executive mansion?

Wouldn’t I rather get a better life?

If I could, whose life would I wanna go for?

From whose ‘life apartment’ would I get that comfort I desire?

In whose would I really get the fulfilment I need?

I’ve got a purpose to fulfil. Who would I better accommodate to achieve my purpose?

Would I be able to afford it, maintain or even renew my rent when it’s time?

The reasoning got wider as the questions got deeper…

So many questions I couldn’t answer.


Then we  thought, it’s just an imagination so unreal. Just at this point when we thought to hit the brakes on this vain thought, we found a reason to go a little further as a much deeper question sprang up;

If you place a Vacancy on my life, would someone out there want to rent it?

What is your life worth?

Is your life so ‘in place’ for someone else to pick up some interest in it?

Could someone somewhere say “I wish I live there”?



As imaginative as this could appear, do you know a great number of us (if not all) have had these thoughts?




That moment when you wished you’re someone else, you’re simply but indirectly wishing that person’s life could be for rent, so you could just live theirs.

But instead of wishing you’re someone else, or someone else’s son or daughter, you can make your own self a better and successful person.

You can stop living your life on rent today by starting to build it and making a life for yourself.


The great men you see today at some point earlier wished they were some greater men, but they didn’t stop at wishing. They took steps.


Stop wishing. Start doing.

You have a life. That’s all you need. That’s your own land. Build it! Lay on it the foundation of self-worth and determination, and build brick by brick great values, paying the sacrifice with handwork. Stop making up excuses.

As you continue daily, building up your own life, trust me, someday, someone somewhere lacking this orientation will be wishing he’s you – already wishing your life is for rent.

And who knows, closely following the unpredictable happenings all over the world, maybe before the end of it, this would not be an imagination anymore, and life could really be for rent…



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