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Where To Buy Cheap Lands In Lagos And Resale For Huge Profit

Where To Buy Cheap Lands In Lagos And Resale For Huge Profit

Landed property business is currently booming in Lagos and most other parts of the country and will continue to boom for a very long time. It is the easiest and my choicest aspect of real estate business. Buying lands in Lagos is not as difficult as you think. A land you purchase this year is likely to double in price next year and so on…

Buying cheap lands and reselling for profit or what we call land flipping is a business for smart and wise investors because you do nothing more than just invest your money and watch it grow by means of property appreciation. In the previous Real Estate Investment article, I mentioned the land bought by our client last two years for N1.5m is now going for N4.5 M – giving him profit of N3 Million without breaking sweat. If that is not a good business, then tell me what it is?

I like you to be in this business and I like you to make money. Therefore, I am going to list some of the areas where you can buy lands in Lagos very cheap and resale at great profit within a short period time.

Like you and I knows, Lagos is rapidly expanding it’s development. Infrastructures are developing by days. Greater number of people are migrating to Lagos as a result of it’s development. More people are making move to building their own house instead of living in a rented apartments.

Because of all these, cost of lands in main parts of Lagos such as Ikeja, Surulere, Yaba, Lagos Island, and other places like that are increasingly becoming out of the reach of average Lagosians, forcing people to move to the outskirts. More and more of this outskirts that where previously bush are becoming mega developed due to movement of people.

You can capitalize on this trend to create wealth for yourselves buying cheap lands in the nearby rural areas in Lagos. So where are these areas we’re talking about?

1. Ikorodu – You can still get lands in some parts of Ikorodu between N500,000 to N1,000,000. Go to areas like OgijoImotaIjedeIgbogboImowonlaIgberigbeIgbolomuIsawo, etc… Look for someone who knows this area I’m talking about to help you locate some choice properties at good price.

Important Secret: Expansion Construction is ongoing on the Ikorodu – Lagos Road and will be completed by August next year. By the time that road is completed, prices of lands will increase by 1,000%. Grab yours now and wait for the cash!

2. Agbowa – I heard the Lagos State Government has great plans going on for Agbowa axis. Great housing estates are being developed and Government is planning massive infrastructural development there. This the time to position yourselves for profit taking. A plot of land goes for between N200,000 to N400,000. You can even get some for N150,000 at a very good location. Within two years from now, the properties may be going from N1 million, quote me when it happens.

3. Epe – You don’t have to be told about the potential that exist in Epe axis of Lagos State. As development crisis-cross through Ibeju-Lekki Local Government, you find-out that Epe Local Government will be the next bus stop before taking off to connect with Ijebu Area.

Properties are still there for sale for as low as N400,000. Your duty is to go locate good ones, pay for it and secure all the documents. Then wait for the profit time. The price is guaranteed to double within a year time.

4. Agbado – You can get land cheap in Agbado area now. The 16 lane world class express carriage way being constructed by Lagos State Government is almost nearing completion. When that is done, property in Agbado area will be out of reach. But you can still get now between N300,000 to N600,000. These same lands will be going for nothing less than N2M when the road is completed.

If you have idea of how lands goes in your state and where it can be gotten cheap and resell for good profit, write the article and send to me. I’ll be glad to publish it here.

 Do you know other places in Lagos where land is sold cheap? Please tell us by commenting.



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